If you're studying the American Revolution, the book The American Revolution: The global struggle for national independence by Brendan Morrissey is a great resource. It has  newly-created maps showing lines of battle and troop movements, old contemporary maps, and copies of famous paintings of the historic figures involved in the conflict. Not to mention the narrative year by year through the war.  One reviewer at Amazon critiques some of Morrissey's interpretations, but using a variety of sources helps to counteract that.

After having done US history with my kids so many times and also having read a lot on my own, I  feel like I'm starting to have a command of the flow of US history.

We're also using a new set from the Teaching Company: American Revolution with Professor Allen Guelzo.  Guelzo is my favorite. He's at his finest explaining philosophical concepts (The American Mind is my favorite), but he also does a good job explaining less ethereal things like actions and events.