Just in case some of you need ideas for your New Year's preparations: Coffee Socials

Coffee socials in Pleasant Valley are quite numerous with the German people. They are generally commenced about the middle of the afternoon and kept up until the coffee is all drank, which depends on the number of kegs on hand and the number of drinkers present. The time is spent in eating, drinking, smoking, playing and dancing. They ahve what they call coffee cake cut in long thin slices which follows the coffee pot at intervals around the room. Smoking is an accompaniment to all performances. The playing is generally solo and those that understand know how it's played. The dancing is "all around the room" with a whirl and step that is as regular as machinery in operation. The music is the accordian, aided by singing, and when some favorite tune is played they all join in their own language one almost imagines oneself in the Fadder Land.