Last night, as part of Randy's Saturday Night Fun, I told about searching for the birth record of my ancestor Chloe Foster. I found through other Wells family researchers that she had married in Leyden, Massachusetts, and a town history includes the genealogy of her father's family. There are three rolls of microfilm of town records for Leyden that are appropriate for the time period: one is specifically titled "Vital Records," and one is "Town Records" with a notation that vital records included, and the third is also general town records but specifically states in the Family History Library catalog that it does NOT contain vital records. So I ordered the first two films and viewed them both very carefully. I did find the marriage of Chloe Foster to her first husband recorded (I'm descended from her second husband). And I did find the recording of her parents' deaths, but I did not find any birth records for the family. I might have assumed that there was non-compliance going on if it weren't for the widow's pension application that Chloe's mother, also Chloe, filed  in 1838.  She had to establish proof of her marriage to Ezekiel Foster, a Revolutionary War soldier, in order to obtain benefits. One deponent for her application was the town clerk of Leyden. He stated that he was unable to find a marriage record for Ezekiel and Chloe, but that he does have on record the births of their children, the first being Urania who was born in 1778.

So I knew that the birth records for this family did at least exist at one time.  I ordered the third volume of town records -- the one that the Family History Library catalog says has no vital records. It arrived last week and I went in this evening to view it. And hallelujah!  The birth record for Chloe and all her siblings is there. Just below their family's record you can see the births of the children of Chloe's brother Ezra. (click on the thumbnail image.)