Randy at Genamusings has posted this week's edition of Saturday Night Fun. I have to say my story about what got me interested in genealogy isn't too terribly exciting.  My brother-in-law Walter, who lives in Rhode Island, first told me some stories he'd learned, not about his own family, but about his wife's.  She had an Italian stowaway for an immigrant ancestor. I think it was her grandfather although I could be off by a generation. I knew I didn't have any Italian stowaways in my background, but I thought perhaps I had ancestors who had stories just as exciting.  And I was right. I do. As it turns out my brother-in-law, who was around ten when his family moved to Rhode Island has no Rhode Island roots. I, on the other hand, have many. It was fun to discover that some of my ancestors are buried not very far from his house, and he (and my husband) grew up in an area where my ancestors lived during King Philip's War.