Well, I've not had quite such an unproductive weekend in a very long time. I read a novel...I'd say the first in a very long time, but I did just finish Anna Karenina not very long ago. This was a modern novel though. I have trouble exercising discipline when reading fiction; so I just tend to stick to non-fiction which is easier to put down when duty calls. The book was The Emperor of Ocean Park by Stephen L. Carter (I think). It was very good. Only a handful of uses of bad language which were entirely appropriate for the contexts. The black pawn wins in the end, but not in the way one thinks it's supposed to. I also did some genealogy today. I have subscribed to a Swedish genealogy database of parish records. The church was mandated to maintain these records, and so at least theoretically one can go back quite a ways--into the 1600s-- in her ancestry. I was able to go back to my great-great-great-great grandparents (six out of the 8 who were my great grandfather's great-grandparents). One of those, I also have one more generation back. The daughter of those two (the couple representing the furthest back generation) from whom I am descended was born in 1757. Her husband was born in 1745. As I was going through birth records and "paged" through the year 1776, it was really weird to think of these people being in Sweden at the time of the Declaration of Independence. My great-great grandfather John Erick Olson was my most recent immigrant ancestor arriving in the US in 1871. My earliest that I know of came in 1628 to Massachusetts Bay Colony. John Erick Olson (Olaf's son) was born Jan Eric and his father's name was Olaf Persson (Peter's son). So my great-grandfather who was born in Pennsylvania and his older brother who was born in Sweden were the first of the family NOT to use the patronymic naming system. I had no idea that anyone was still using the patronymic system so late. Fascinating, isn't it? :-) My genealogy site