cs1894-12-13 Obituary of Mrs. Laura McClain Mulinex:

I became attached to Mrs. Mulinex through news stories appearing in earlier editions of the Clarksville Star. She was one of the first, if not the first, to "play" telephone with boxes and string as I transcribed here

SUDDEN DEATH.--- The death of Mrs. L. Mulinex yesterday afternoon was a great shock to this community owing to its quickness and her popularity. She, with other members of the Ladies Guild of the Presbyterian church, of which society she was president, was working in the opera hall preparing for the production of the midway plaisance. About 4 o'clock she complained of illness, and in five minutes she was unconscious. She had suffered a stroke of apoplexy and lived but an hour and twenty minutes. The physicians pronounced her case hopeless from the first. At the hour of going to press the time for the funeral had not been set. Her obituary will appear next week.

Clarksville Star, 13 December 2013 
Clarksville, Butler County, Iowa