The following deed is a genealogist's dream.  It's not directly helpful to a problem I'm hoping to solve, but it does help me to sort the various people of the same names.  Maybe this will be helpful to Prather, Ashby, Baxter, Fugate, etc. descendants.

Hopkins County, Kentucky, Deeds 20:565-567

agreement made 13 April 1853 Between Prather Ashby of the one part & D M White of the other part ... warrants land on Gran River  [leaving out the land description]

Upon which bond Indiann Ashby the widow of Said Prather Asby since his death executed the following endorsement [releasing her right of dower].

And whereas the said Prather Ashby hath departed this life
without having conveyed the said land to the said White
leaving a widow Indiann Ashby his mother Elizabeth Ashby his
Surviving brothers & Sisters Catharine Crabtree wife of John Crabtree
Vincent Ashby Stephen D Ashby Rose Ashby wife of Lewis Ashby
Priscilla Prather wife of Thomas Prather Marcy C Ashby wife of 
Wm J Ashby and the children of deceased sisters & brothers to wit
Perrin Ashby Wm H Ashby Lucus Ashby Baxter Ashby Orvill
Ashby & Malind Ashby the two last infants children of a
deceased Sister who was the wife of Enos J Ashby Amanda A
Crabtree wife of Washington Crabtree Cyrus Ashby Quintina
Ashby Austin Ashby Mariah L. Ashby and Fletcher Ashby
all infants children of Enos G Ashby a brother and Vincent
Fugate Stephen Fugate Martha Fowler wife of James Fowler
Hulda Fugate america Fugate Mary Fugate Sarah Fugate
C D Fugate Marcus Fugate George Fugate & Lewis Fugate the Said
America being dead but having married James Jackson & leaving
a only Surviving child Mary Jackson children of Nancy Fugate 
a Sister as his the said Prather Ashbys heirs at law

(several guardianship relationships are also discussed)