Randy's assignment for Saturday Night Fun!

I've just recently done this with no prompting from Randy, so I'll tell what my next roll of film is to be after I've completed the assignment for another ancestor.

Here is the "assignment" for tonight's SNGF:

1. Identify one "elusive ancestor" family (perhaps one you just found, or one you've not found any information about), and the county/state that they resided in. Tell us the family name and the county/state.

Rebecca Dark. I "discovered" her on a recent research trip to Jefferson County, Pennsylvania. Her obituary gave her maiden name as Dark and told that she was born in 1815 and married David Baughman both events occurring in Snyder County, Pennsylvania. However, Snyder was not formed from Union until 1855. Union was formed from Northumberland in 1813.

OK, scrap that person (see #2). I'll go to a library or the county to see what I can find.

When I was at the Salt Lake Institute in January, I discovered a new set of parents through the death record of Electa Van Hoesen who died in 1889 in Rock County, Minnesota. Her parents were John and Chloe Wells. I have already pursued Chloe's line because she was previously married and another researcher of the Wells family had information on  her maiden name and location of marriage. I was able to locate what I believed to be the right family in the 1800 census of Leyden, Hampshire County, Massachusetts. I ordered the microfilm containing the town's vital records and did indeed verify the marriage record of Chloe Foster to her first husband Andrew Kately. Surrogate court records for Cortland County, New York showed the connection between Chloe Cately/Kately to John Wells, her second husband.

I had ordered two films which contained vital records from Leyden, but I was unable to find any birth records for Chloe herself. A town history states that she is the daughter of Ezekiel Foster.  I just chalked it up to uneven reporting practices when I found the Revolutionary War widow's pension file for Ezekiel's wife -- also named Chloe.  The town clerk of Leyden helping to verify the marriage of Ezekiel and Chloe deposed that the town records showed the birth of Urania in 1778, their first-born child. He also implied that other births are to be found and he is only naming the oldest.  So I know that at least at one time the birth record for their children did exist -- at least in 1838 it did. There is one more microfilm of town records although it says it does NOT contain vital records, so I have ordered that. It has arrived and I will be going in tomorrow evening to look at it.

2. Go to the FHL Catalog, find the resources for that county/state.

Normally my first tack to take would be to look for probate and land records for the Dark and Baughman surnames. However, it does not appear that the deed books have been filmed.  And certainly not much has been filmed for probate records. No government records at all. 

3. Identify at least three items from the FHL Catalog that you need to look into in an effort to further your knowledge about that family's history. Tell us about them.

I'm going to count the three rolls of town records I have ordered. There aren't any land records on microfilm listed, otherwise that's probably what I would look at next. It may be some other jurisdiction than the town level that handles land records. New England research is new to me.

4. Do you know where your nearest Family History Center is? If not, go here and look for it. Tell us where it is.

It is on Cox Road in Springfield, Missouri.

5. Are you willing to make a commitment to go to the FHC and rent microfilms in order to pursue that elusive ancestral family? If so, tell us about your commitment.

Yes, I do and I continue to do so.