Someone told me she hoped I was journaling about my trip, so I thought I ought to.  I managed to get several days off in a row from the library and decided to take advantage of the the time to go north to Minnesota.  I drove up I-29 (from Kansas City) planning to stay in a state park on the Missouri side of the Missouri-Nebraska border. Then in the morning, I would just drive the few miles across the border to Falls City, Nebraska.  That did not work out since the road was closed, the state park was closed ... so I slept in a rest stop and drove around 60 miles to make a circuitous trip to the town via another river crossing. 

Nebraska is required by law to maintain school records and I was hoping to find some of my grandfather and his brothers. The family was there to be enumerated in the 1920 census although they did not live there long.  They'd moved to Memphis, Tennessee by 1923.  People in the schools were helpful, but the nicest surprise was to find that the register of deeds was a genealogist. It had been suggested to me that some older records might have been left in the care of the register of deeds office.  She did have microfilm, but alas no microfilm reader. She is going to take the film to the library and let me know what she finds. 

I took a photo of the house which is at the address where my grandfather and his family were living. (I was so hoping for city directories, but none were in the genealogical collection for dates before the 1960s.  I'll have to investigate that further.)  I don't know that this is the house in which they lived. It could be although it likely has been remodeled.