One of my favorite things about genealogy is finding people who might otherwise be forgotten. This is not my family, but I was touched by the article and how quickly a region could be decimated by disease.



An Incident of Sadness. -- Mr. 

C.T. Lamson, of Green, some

three or four weeks ago lost a

bright little girl by that dreadful

disease, diphtheria.

   In conversation with a friend at

Butler Center the other day, in re-

gard to the ravages of the disease at

Greene, Mr. Lamson related the fol-

lowing sad incident: One year ago

his little daughter gave a birth-day

party at which were present eight

of the bright, sparkling little girls

of Greene -- her intimate playmates

and associates. Now, every one of 

that joyous group, who were the

birdlings of parental love and the 

light of happy homes, are sleeping

side by side in the grave yard.

The severity of affliction which

Greene and its immediate vicinity

have been called to undergo, though

the prevalence of diphtheria is great

and evokes the heartfelt sympathy 

of all. -- Eclipse.


"An Incident of Sadness," Clarksville (Iowa) Star, 6 March 1879, 5th page, column 4. State Historical Society of Iowa microfilmed newspaper collection, Iowa City. 

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