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baleskidsOriginally posted 22 July 2007.

After visiting no. 2 son, we decided to leave early on Tuesday to stop at Newport, Indiana where we have Edwards and Brinley ancestors. We first went to the Newport Library where we found a few things and then the courthouse where I looked through guardianship records since my Margaret Edwards ancestress had become orphaned in about 1851.  At the public library, there were about four or five big fat binders of  listings in which cemeteries of Vermillion County were listed in alphabetical order with further listings of those buried in those cemeteries. I asked if there was a master index for the cemetery listings, but alas was told that there was not. The man working at this library was a wonderfully helpful person. I pulled the first binder off the shelf. Since I knew which two of the five townships my Edwards ancestors had been, I skipped the first two cemeteries which were in other townships. The first cemetery listed for Helt township was Bales Cemetery. I could not believe my good fortune (aka serendipidy) to find my Edwards ancestors in the very first cemetery listing I looked. So after visiting the courthouse; Sam, Abbie, and I were on our way to the cemetery way out in the country on a farm.