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Originally posted 23 December 2008.


Path Valley, in Cumberland County, May 18th, 1778

To the Executive Council of the State of Pennsylvania:

The Humble Petition of the subscribers, the Inhabitants of the above mentioned Valley, Humbly Sheweth:

That we, your Petitioners, Labour under the Greatest anxiety posseble at this present time, for our Malitia has received orders for four Classes to be in readiness to march Immediately to Camp. The Indians (or rather the tories) is Murdering our neighbours close by us, no futher off than Bedford, and what active men is of use here is Entirely Defenceless, for want of arms and amunition. We earnestly request and beg, that the worthy Council may take our Distressed Circumstances under their wise Consideration, and Contribute to our assistance by sending us some quantity of Rifled guns and amunition. Likewise to order our Malitia back against the Indians, for nothing appears to us more probable than if our men is marched to Camp our Women and Children will fall a sacrifice to Savage Cruel Barbarity. As there was of Late a Number of wicked tories Joined in a combination, and went to Conduct the Indians Down to Murder the whigs (as they call us) here, but was Disappointed by a Supernatural Cause. Some of said party is taken, the rest is sculking in the mountains, and thought to be the Murderers of these people Near Bedford, and their Leaders is not taken as yet. They will bring the Indians on us if in their power. What moves us to supplicate for rifles is, because m'skets is of very little use in the woods against Indians. We hope a sensible feeling of our gloomy aspect, and the safety and security of our distressed Country and Interests, will move you to grant, with all possible speed, our Humble requests; and your petitioners shall, as in Duty bound, Ever pray, &c.

This, our petition, we Commit to our very Trusty friends Capt. Noah Abraham and James Elder, in whome we very mutch Confide.

Noah Abraham, Capt.,                            James Hall,

Archibald Elliot, 1 leut.,                          Neal Judge,

Samuel Walker, 2 Leut.,                          William McCibbins,

Thomas Morton, Ensine,                         Charl. Gibson,

Rev. Samuel Dougal,                               James Mountgomory,

John Noble,                                              Samuel Mears, Sen'r,

Joseph Noble,                                           Samuel Mears, Jun'r,

Francis Eliot,                                            John Noble, Jun'r,

Patrick Davis,                                           William McClellan,

Henderson Hervy,                                     James McClellan,

William McClelan,                                   W'm Elder Ens'n,

Robert McConnell,                                   John Wallace,

William Elliot,                                           Robert Futhey,

John Campbell,                                         Samuel Futhy,

John Monow,                                             Charles Gibson,

Henry Hoghanbry,                                     Elijah Sackett,

Wm. Clark,                                                Azariah Sackett,

Patrick Murphy,                                         Edward Kelley,

James Fegan,                                             William Richardson

Daniel McMullan,                                      And'w Miller

Eneas McMullen,                                       James Fegan,

Thom's Ackers, Capt.,                                David Elder,

David Anderson, Lt.,                                  David Elder, Junior, [out of sequence]

Richard Coulter, Lt.,                                   John Elder        [out of sequence]

Benjamin Walker,                                        Jas. Wallace [out of sequence]

Alexander Walker,                                     Philip Hutchinson,

Hugh McCurdy,                                         William Campbell,

William Fear,

Timothy Conner, In Elizabeth Town, has Ten Rifles taken from none Sociators.

Pennsylvania Archives, Series 2, Volume III, Papers Relating to the War of the Revolution, 1778